30 November 2015
17. Safar 1437


A decade long blockade has a devastating impact on Gaza Hospitals. Your support of this project will ensure that critical care units in Gaza are always functional.

Fundraising event for this project will be held on Saturday, December 19th, 6pm at the WIA Gym. Guest Speaker Dr. Tariq Al-Lobani (Project Initiator) and Dr. Abdelkader Tayebi.



Men's Health Program, colon cancer prevention initiative is being organized by local healthcare organizations. Nov. 28thafter Duhr at the WIA, December 05 at Al-Hijra and January 15th at the RCIC. 






GENERAL BODY MEETING December 5th/6th, 2015

Members of the Windsor Islamic Association are hereby notified that the General Body of WIA will meet on Saturday December 05, 2015, 1:30 pm after Duhr prayers at the WIA Gym. In case there is no quorum , the meeting will be held the next day, Sunday December 06, 2015 at 1:30 pm @ WIA Gym, with or without quorum.  Click Here for the Meeting Agenda . All registered members of WIA are requested to attend this meeting.


Windsor Islamic Association, with the help of experts and professionals in the community is offering assistance with resume writing and job interview preparation. InshaAllah this service will be available on an ongoing basis and will be primarily aimed at helping students graduating from colleges and universities who are entering the job market.  The service is free and is available on a first come first serve basis. 

Please email your resume and contact details to wia@windsormosque.com with the subject line "Request for Assistance in Resume Writing / Job Interview"  




Sept Appeal to Enroll for Automatic Monthly  Donations
Please read the table below. Its a summary of the monthly expenses at the Masjid every month and a comparison of the donations we receive regularly each month. There is a surplus of roughly $2,935.20 in the month of September 2015, between the monthly maintenance expenses and the income that this Masjid receives through donations. The Masjid is now serving more people than ever before, you might have noticed that the traffic has gone up, the programs that we are now offering both religious and social have increased and so has our expenses. 
The only way to overcome this deficit is to have regular income from committed donors who pledge their monthly contributions to match the expense. 
We are requesting your help and support to keep our activities going by becoming one of our committed monthly donors. Please fill out the attached form and bring it back to the treasurers office or email it back with your information. The best way is to provide pre-authorized payment plan. We accept pre-authorized debit thru void cheque or by credit card. Click here for the 
JazakAllah Khair, May Allah SWT reward all of us for supporting his deen and his house.

Verse from the Holy Quran

For any whom Allah leaves astray, there is no protector thereafter. And thou wilt see the Wrong-doers, when in sight of the Chastisement, Say: "Is there any way (to effect) a return?" 42:44


Holy Names High School has been kind to our community for allowing musalleen to park in their parking lot for Juma prayers every week for many years.  Next week, Friday Nov. 27, they are hosting a major event of their own and is expecting a large crowd.  They have requested we do not park in their area on that day. WIA has made arrangements with other organizations nearby for use of their parking lot. 1. Maranatha Academy 939 Northwood St.   2. Filipino Community Centre 935 Northwood St.  3. Knights of Columbus, 2401 Columbus Drive.  Our volunteers will run SHUTTLES between these parking lots and the Mosque to help bring passengers back and forth.  Please co-operate with the parking enforcement volunteers to ensure a smooth traffic flow in our neighborhood.
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