28 January 2015
7. Rabi-al-Thani 1436

Windsor Muslims respond to the cartoons and terrorism with dialogue and education


In light of the disrespectful cartoons published by the French weekly Charlie Hebdo and in light of the wave of terrorist actions throughout the world and the foiling of terrorist plots in Canada and other western countries, the Windsor Islamic Association responds with a comprehensive educational program aimed at educating both the Muslim community and the Windsor community at large about the essence of true Islam, the universality and tolerance of Islam and the sublime character of Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him.


"These programs aim at channeling the highly charged emotions towards constructive and productive dialogue" said Shaikh Mohamed Mahmoud, Imam of the Windsor Mosque, who will be delivering these programs. "As these programs will run for months and are open to the general public, we hope that any person who has a concern or a question will come to the Mosque and get it cleared up. We are opening our Mosque and our hearts to everybody" added Mr. Khalid Raana, President of the Windsor Islamic Association.


The program consists of three courses: Islam 101, which is a basic introduction to Islam. Stories of the Prophets, which goes over the lives of biblical Prophets to highlight the universality of the divine message and how the Abrahamic faiths are related. The legacy of Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, which recounts in modern time terminology salient facts of his message of mercy. Another program will cover the narration of a traditional book called "Shamail" that reports the physical appearance, character and lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The book was compiled around 250 years after the death of the Prophet (PBUH) with a continuous chain of narration to the Prophet's companions who lived with him. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF

WIA General Body Meeting 

WIA announces the first of General Body meeting of the year 2015, inshaAllah will be held on ​January 24 , 2015 after Duhr Prayers at the Windsor Mosque. Per constitution, if there is no quorum on that day, the meeting will be held the following day, i.e Sunday January 25, 2015 at 1:30 pm t2:30 pm at the Windsor Mosque lower level.  All members are encouraged to attend this meeting.

Nov-Dec Appeal to Enroll for Automatic Monthly  Donations
Please read the table below. Its a summary of the monthly expenses at the Masjid every month and a comparison of the donations we receive regularly each month. There is a deficit of roughly $2,528.71 in the month of December 2014, between the monthly maintenance expenses and the income that this Masjid receives through donations. The Masjid is now serving more people than ever before, you might have noticed that the traffic has gone up, the programs that we are now offering both religious and social have increased and so has our expenses. 
The only way to overcome this deficit is to have regular income from committed donors who pledge their monthly contributions to match the expense. 
We are requesting your help and support to keep our activities going by becoming one of our committed monthly donors. Please fill out the attached form and bring it back to the treasurers office or email it back with your information. The best way is to provide pre-authorized payment plan. We accept pre-authorized debit thru void cheque or by credit card. Click here for the 
JazakAllah Khair, May Allah SWT reward all of us for supporting his deen and his house.

Verse from the Holy Quran

And We will make it easy for thee (to follow) the simple (Path). 87:8


The Windsor Islamic Association is proud to introduce the Islam 101, an introductory course that provides the basics of Islam. This program aims to guide new Muslims, non Muslims who are interested, as well as newly practicing Muslims. 
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