28 June 2016
23. Ramadan 1437

              QURAN COMPETITION     


No Age Limit for Entire Quran
1st Or 2nd Half
1st Or 4th Quarter

Last 5 Juz..........15 Years
Last 3 Juz...........13 Years 
Juz Amm............9 Years 

Preliminary Assessment at RCIC on June 25th and 26th after DUHR

Final Stage on July 2 and 3 at the Windsor Mosque after DUHR

Award Ceremony at Al-Hijra (Date to be announced later)


Download Ramadan Timetable

Imam's Ramadan Programs

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Mosque Rules in Ramadan

I'tikaf Infosession

I'tikaf session



Ramadan Iftars

Every Sunday, during the month of Ramadan, an iftar dinner will be hosted in the gym. At an approximate rate of $6 per person for roughly 400 people, these dinners cost over $2500-3000 for each event.

Please click here to donate for full or part of the Iftar dinners. Excess funds will be diverted for the upkeep and maintenance of our Masjid during the month of Ramadan, InshaAllah. Type Ramadan Iftar in the "Fund Options" box. You can also bring a cheque to the treasurer's office.

I'tikaf Registration Form

If you are planning on participating in I'tikaf, please ensure you are registered by completing this form, which is also available in Treasurer's office in the main mosque lobby. Completed forms can be directed to the Dawah Director,  dawah@windsormosque.ca, who can also answer any questions.

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Verse from the Holy Quran

Thus have We sent this down - an Arabic Quran - and explained therein in detail some of the warnings, in order that they may fear Allah, or that it may cause their remembrance (of Him). 20:113


Call for Ramadan Volunteers:

Without the community engagement, Ramadan is not the same. Please lend a hand during this month of giving. There are many tasks that you can volunteer for, including iftar help, traffic monitoring, secturity, babysitting, and more. Please click here to sign up. Make sure to indicate your availabilities throughout the month. 


WIA would like to receive your input and feedback on activities carried out by the WIA Board, the Imam and Staff Members. The aim of this survey is to reduce our shortcomings and improve our performance. Kindly answer the questions to the best of your ability to help us serve this community better, inshaAllah.


Summary report of the Survey held in May 2015

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