22 July 2014
24. Ramadan 1435


According to the Fatwa that we have been following for many years in Windsor, that of Mecca as Ummul Qura, the moon of Ramadan was not seen on Friday evening June 27th, 2014 and as a result Shaaban is counted as 30 days. Based on this, the beginning of Ramadan will be on Sundaythe 29th of June, 2014.

We ask Allah SWT to unite the hearts of the Umma in this blessed month, and bring them together around the teachings of the Quran and the teachings of the Sunnah of RasulAllah SAW. May Allah SWT accept our siyam and qiyam and to free our necks from the punishment of the hell fire.

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Imam's Programs:

  • Daily after Fajr: Lessons from stories in Quran & Sunnah
  • Daily after Asr: 40 Hadiths (by An-Nawawi)
  • Daily after 40 Hadiths: Quran tutoring
  • Sunday after Asr: Fiqh As-Siyam
  • Friday/Saturday after 8 Taraweeh: Short reminder
  • Last 15 nights of Ramadan: Tahajjud prayers @ 2:30 a.m.
Appeal to Enroll for Automatic Monthly  Donations
Please read the table below. Its a summary of the monthly expenses at the Masjid every month and a comparison of the donations we receive regularly each month. There is a deficit of roughly $5500 each month, between the monthly maintenance expenses and the income that this Masjid receives through donations. The Masjid is now serving more people than ever before, you might have noticed that the traffic has gone up, the programs that we are now offering both religious and social have increased and so has our expenses. 
The only way to overcome this deficit is to have regular income from committed donors who pledge their monthly contributions to match the expense. 
WIA Income/Expenses Statement May 2014
Total Donations & other Income
Payroll Expenses/Janitorial Expense
Total Programs and Projects Expenses
Repairs and Maintenance & other supplies
Total Utilities/Property Taxes
Total Expense
We are requesting your help and support to keep our activities going by becoming one of our committed monthly donors. Please fill out the attached form and bring it back to the treasurers office or email it back with your information. The best way is to provide pre-authorized payment plan. We accept pre-authorized debit thru void cheque or by credit card. Click here for the 
JazakAllah Khair, May Allah SWT reward all of us for supporting his deen and his house.

Verse from the Holy Quran

Those who reject Faith will not cease to be in doubt concerning (Revelation) until the Hour (of Judgment) comes suddenly upon them, or there comes to them the Chastisement of a barren Day. 22:55

An Noor Islamic School

Fundraising Dinner

Guest Speaker

Shaikh Ahmad Shehab

Friday July 11, 2014

Windsor Mosque
@ Dominion & Northwood

Program Start & Speech 7:30 pm
Iftar Dinner 9:00 pm

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